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Affordable Solar

Affordable solar power is at the heart of the Green Collar Solar program?

We’re creating more good jobs with affordable solar power through the Green Collar Solar Program.  Now, homes with smaller electric bills can realize significant savings with low-cost solar energy systems.

How does the Green Collar Solar program make solar affordable?

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned designing and installing solar panels to bring affordable solar power to market.  We can install these low-cost systems on select, solar friendly homes.

How affordable is it ?

Homeowners with no upfront money and electric bills from $75-$150 can reduce pollution while saving money with solar power.

This is not a lease.

With available $0 down payment solar financing you can own your Green Collar Solar power system.

No appointment with a salesperson is required to get a free estimate?

Just call (760) 230-2220 and we will provide you with a detailed free estimate based on your home and electric bill.

The Green Collar Solar program was created by San Diego County Solar and is not available through other solar installation companies at this time.

affordable solar power - green collar solar

Is solar leasing the answer for affordable solar power?

Is solar leasing the answer for affordable solar power?

Recently, we’ve been looking for alternatives for solar leasing.  Over the past year, solar leasing plans have changed.  Lately, to achieve immediate savings on a utility bill, solar leases need to have a price escalator.  With loans available specifically tailored to solar installation for homes, we’re finding dramatic savings when compared to solar leasing.  Even with no money down, we’re able to save customers thousands compared to solar leasing.

Check out this example for a 10 year solar purchase with a $0 down payment solar loan.

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