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NEM 2.0

We are fast approaching the cap for net energy metering (NEM) in SDG&E territory. NEM 2.0 will be a reality in the coming months. Daily updates are provided by SDG&E here: Cap Overview Rules for future net energy metering are expecting in the coming days. While we are not expecting drastic changes to the program for solar homeowners, we are quite certain the benefits of going solar after the cap is reached will be reduced from current levels.
What is NEM?
Right now San Diego homeowners with solar receive full retail credit for energy delivered to the grid. For every kWh sent to SDG&E, solar homeowners receive one in return their solar is not generating enough energy to meet their needs. The ability to exchange energy with SDG&E is what makes solar such a great deal in the San Diego area.
There is still time to take advantage of current NEM rules. The California Public Utilities Commission has ruled that homeowners connecting to the grid prior to the cap of the current NEM program will be grandfathered under the current rules for 20 years.IMG_2295

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