Solar Financing to suit your needs-

We work with local Credit Unions and other lenders to find the best solution for every homeowner.

Should you purchase or lease?

We strongly recommend purchasing over solar leasing programs.  With today’s $0 down payment solar loans, purchasing solar makes more sense than ever before.  When compared to a 20+ year solar lease,  a 12 year solar purchase-to-own program will save the average homeowner thousands.

Take full advantage of government incentives-

Whether you pay cash or finance your solar installation, the Federal government recently extended a 30% income tax credit for qualified residential solar installations.  We recommend you check with your tax preparer to see if you qualify.

HERO Program Financing-

San Diego County Solar is a registered HERO contractor. In most communities, HERO financing offers homeowners a loan option that is repaid through property taxes.

*Not all applicants will qualify.  Subject to credit approval.