Take a look at your energy history-

The first step to designing any solar panel installation is to calculate your average annual kilowatt-hour consumption.  It’s also important to identify anything that may change your consumption in the near future.   For example; adding an electric vehicle, air conditioning or…?

Determine the available space for solar panels-

There is no substitute for a site visit by a qualified solar professional. They can measure roof surfaces, perform a shade analysis, check the condition of your roof and assess the compatibility of a solar installation with your existing electric service.  All of this information is necessary to complete an accurate design, as well as determine the cost and performance of your system.

Decide how to pay for your solar panel system-

We are committed to ownership of systems – no leasing – whether you pay cash or take advantage of one of our $0 down financing options.  We have options that make ownership easy while maximizing your solar panel installation savings.

Our solar panel installation team is among the best in San Diego County-

Installation is usually completed in a few days work at your home and ready for final inspection by the local jurisdiction. In most cases, SDG&E grants permission to operate your new solar power system within a few days and we switch it on.

You’ll love watching your solar panels go to work-

Most of our systems come with 24/7 monitoring. Just login on your computer, tablet or phone to see how much electricity your panels are producing at any time, throughout the day, month or since your system was turned on. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing if there is a problem, the monitoring system will alert you and us.

Start saving money-

Watch your electric meter go backwards and see the savings on your bill, while sunshine powers your clean, renewable solar energy system for decades to come.