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Lower Solar Cost

Lower solar cost is the foundation of the Green Collar Solar℠ program? 

Lower solar cost will help the Green Collar Solar℠ Program create jobs.  We are expanding the market for solar energy with low-cost systems for homes with smaller electric bills.

How does it work?

We find homes with good solar energy potential and offer them low-cost solar energy installation.

How low is the cost? 

Low enough so people with electric bills from $75-$150 can save money with solar energy.

Is this a lease? 

NO, this is not a lease.  With Green Collar Solar℠ you will own your system, whether you write a check or go with $0 down solar financing.

Do I need an in-home appointment with a salesperson to get an estimate?

NO, simply call (760) 230-2220 and we will give you a free estimate based on your home and electric bill.

Is Green Collar Solar℠ an installation company?

NO, it is a program created by San Diego County Solar and is currently offered only by San Diego County Solar. 

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NEM 2.0

We are fast approaching the cap for net energy metering (NEM) in SDG&E territory. NEM 2.0 will be a reality in the coming months. Daily updates are provided by SDG&E here: Cap Overview Rules for future net energy metering are expecting in the coming days. While we are not expecting drastic changes to the program for solar homeowners, we are quite certain the benefits of going solar after the cap is reached will be reduced from current levels.
What is NEM?
Right now San Diego homeowners with solar receive full retail credit for energy delivered to the grid. For every kWh sent to SDG&E, solar homeowners receive one in return their solar is not generating enough energy to meet their needs. The ability to exchange energy with SDG&E is what makes solar such a great deal in the San Diego area.
There is still time to take advantage of current NEM rules. The California Public Utilities Commission has ruled that homeowners connecting to the grid prior to the cap of the current NEM program will be grandfathered under the current rules for 20 years.IMG_2295

Solar Rebates – San Diego – Carlsbad – Encinitas

The California Solar Initiative rebate program was successful.  The design of the solar rebate program moved people off the fence to install solar panels sooner rather later.  Rebates for installing PV solar panels were based on system size, and greater for those who first decided to install solar panels.  As more solar panels were installed, the rebate program was reduced until funds were exhausted.

Rebates from the California Solar Initiative are no longer available to homeowners in the San Diego area.  If a local homeowner is considering adding solar panels to their home, it would be wise to shy away from a solar company offering a rebate.  This would indicate something fishy is going on.

Some cities continue to provide other types of incentives to homeowners for installing solar panels .  While fees for permitting our last San Diego installation were $394, there is no fee for rooftop permits to install solar panels in Encinitas. The fee in Carlsbad is about half that of San Diego, and the process is much quicker. In Carlsbad, a solar installer with good plans and paperwork can receive a permit in one visit.

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