Point Loma solar installation

Project Details

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Project Description

This 2016 installation in Point Loma turned out beautifully. Part of the solar system is installed on a new flat roof using a chem curb footing designed specifically for flat roofs. The other part of the system is installed on a standing seam metal roof using S5 clamps that avoid the need for roof penetrations. And because the main electric panel on the property was at the detached garage, the solar was connected to a sub panel located inside the house. At the homeowner’s request, this 20-panel system produces just over 3/4 of their electricity needs. When choosing which contractor to work with, the homeowner explained that the “trust factor” was very important. Ken from San Diego County Solar was the only solar representative he met with who could adequately answer all of his questions, and who let him make a decision on his own timeline, without pressure.

  • System Size:  6.3 kW
  • Solar Panel:  LG 315W Neon
  • Inverter:  EnPhase M250
  • Est. Avg. Monthly Output:  820 kWh
  • Avg. Monthly Bill (before):  $402
  • Est. Average Bill (after):  $79
  • Est. Annual Savings:  $3,876