All About the Details

Having started in solar in 2006, we saw a need for higher-quality solar installations. Many contractors choose to save a few dollars by using cheaper footing, cheaper racking, plastic flex tubing instead of metal, and even plastic zip ties (instead of metal clips) to hold the wires off the roof. Homeowners were buying solar panels with 25 year warranties, without realizing that the balance of system (BOS) was simply not designed to last that long.

We started San Diego County Solar in part so that we could provide our customers with higher-quality solar power installations that are designed to last for decades.

We focus on the details involved with installing solar electric systems properly, because the details matter. When deciding which equipment to use, our thought is always, “what would we use for our own home, or for the homes of those we love?” We use the best flashing and attachment systems on the market, and the best racking available (anodized black for aesthetics). We even spend a little extra on better clamps to hold the conduit in place, and on higher-quality stainless steel screws.



Maybe this attention to quality and detail is why we here at San Diego County Solar have never had a roof leak. If you want a hassle-free solar installation that remains hassle-free for the long term, then you want a solar power system installed by San Diego County Solar.