Encinitas Solar & Battery


System Size 6.15kW with 10kWh of storage

Solar Panel PanasonicEVPV410HK

Inverter EnPhase IQ8A

Est. Avg. Monthly Output 872kWh

After living in his small home for many years, Hudson decided to add a second story and undergo a major remodel. He knew that he wanted to include solar in this project, and following the advice of his general contractor he chose to work with San Diego County Solar. Though his electric consumption had been low, he decided to size the solar to allow for additional comfort.

This 6.15kW Panasonic & EnPhase system was installed with two EnPhase 5P lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries to insure that he’d avoid paying those peak SDG&E electric rates. Hudson valued the improved safety of the LFP battery chemistry, as well as the 15-year warranty.

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