San Marcos solar installation


System Size 5.78 kW

Solar Panel LG 360W Neon R

Inverter SolarEdge 3.8H-US

Est. Avg. Monthly Output 738 kWh

Est. Average Bill (after) $10

Est. Annual Savings $2515

This young San Marcos couple was referred by one of our Poway customers, but still interviewed several other companies before deciding upon San Diego County Solar. They wanted good design and a quality installation from a reputable solar installer, but they were also quite conscious of the overall system price.

They had suffered through the heat during the summer of 2018, only using their air conditioning sparingly. But with a new baby on the way, they decided that conserving electricity was not their top priority for the summer of 2019. And since they see this as their forever home, they decided to oversize the solar in order to accommodate potential increased electric usage in the future.

Though they had some open south-facing roofline above their garage, they chose (for aesthetic reasons) to relegate their solar to the second story. The angles of the roof made the design tricky, and required re-routing some vent pipes, but our expert crew knocked this one out of the park! The 100A main electric service panel also posed some limitations on the system design, but we were able to maximize the system size by using multiple roof orientations and a SolarEdge inverter. And of course the LG Neon R solar panels will help them maximize their solar production in both low light (e.g. marine layer) and high heat (e.g. summertime in San Marcos) conditions for decades to come.

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