Santa Luz Project


System Size 18 kW

Solar Panel LG 300W Neon

Inverter EnPhase M250

Est. Avg. Monthly Output 2,304 kWh

Est. Average Bill (after) $634

Est. Annual Savings $10,788

This Santa Luz installation is one of our largest residential solar power systems to date. The homeowner selected San Diego County Solar over the competition because they wanted an experienced contractor would would pay attention to the details. Aesthetics and quality were of utmost importance to the homeowner, and also to the design committee of this exclusive gated community. Working with an experienced local roofer, sections of the clay tile were removed, replaced with 50-year composite shingles, and then re-installed around the completed solar array. The system has no moving parts, and both the solar panels and the inverters carry a 25 year warranty. We’re very proud of our work on this job, and the customer loves the savings!

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