Tierrasanta solar installation test


System Size 6.84 kW

Solar Panel LG 360W Neon R

Inverter SolarEdge 7.6H-US

Est. Avg. Monthly Output 719 kWh

Est. Average Bill (after) $10

Est. Annual Savings $2,203

This quality-conscious retired couple in Tierrasanta didn’t want to worry about rising electricity costs anymore. The husband is a retired engineer and professor, and he wanted information, not a sales pitch. After speaking with several other solar companies who couldn’t answer his technical questions, and who hadn’t even properly explained Net Metering (NEM), he called San Diego County Solar.

We worked with him on a system design that would allow them to expand their electric usage by about 25% to account for the warmer summers he’s been experiencing, and to allow for some “breathing room.” In order to design the right system to meet his production goals, we took detailed shade measurements and explored multiple system designs. It was a chance for us to “geek out” on the system design with a customer who really wanted to understand the details. Then right before his system was installed, he decreased shading conditions significantly by removing the two trees just south of his home. The system therefor has been outperforming our original production estimates, and these happy customers are entering their first “solar summer” with a large credit balance on their True Up statement.

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