LG Electronics Solar Panels – SDCS – Encinitas

LG Electronics Solar Panels – SDCS – Encinitas

If you’ve owned  LG Electronics products, you’ve come to expect superior quality, performance and value in everything they manufacture.   These same attributes LG Electronics has built into everything from telephones to washing machines are apparent in their solar panels as well.

SDCS began installing LG solar panels  in 2012 and we could not be more pleased with the product.  In fact, we would challenge other solar contractors to install no-name products at the price we can install LG solar panels.

We’ve installed LG solar panels with Enphase micro-inverters on a number of systems.   This allows us to monitor performance on an individual panel level, and performance has been outstanding.  The added benefit of installing LG solar panels, is the assurance they’ll be around to honor the 25 year warranty for our customers.  We appreciate the backing of a diversified, global company with $50 billion in sales for the products we’re providing.

Life is Good with LG:)

SDCS – Encintas, CA