Affordable Solar

Affordable solar power is at the heart of the Green Collar Solar program? We’re creating more good jobs with affordable solar power through the Green Collar Solar Program.  Now, homes with smaller electric bills can realize significant savings with low-cost solar energy systems. How does the Green Collar Solar program make solar affordable? We’ve taken everything we’ve learned designing and installing solar panels to bring affordable solar power to market.  We can install these low-cost systems on select, solar friendly

Lower Solar Cost

Lower solar cost is the foundation of the Green Collar Solar℠ program?  Lower solar cost will help the Green Collar Solar℠ Program create jobs.  We are expanding the market for solar energy with low-cost systems for homes with smaller electric bills. How does it work? We find homes with good solar energy potential and offer them low-cost solar energy installation. How low is the cost?  Low enough so people with electric bills from $75-$150 can

How do solar panels make power?

This Department of Energy video explains how silicon solar cells convert sunlight to electricity. The same technology used today was first developed by Bell Labs in the 1950’s, and while solar cells and other PV components have been refined, the basic technology has not changed.

LG Electronics Solar Panels – SDCS – Encinitas

If you’ve owned LG Electronics products, you’ve come to expect quality, performance and value in everything they manufacture. These same attributes LG Electronics has built into everything from telephones to washing machines are apparent in to their solar panels as well.

Local solar companies are the way to go for installation of solar panels

Local solar companies are the way to go for installation of solar panels. Once you’ve made the decision to install solar panels on your home, there are a number of solar companies to choose from. A homeowner’s choices range from small local solar installation companies specializing in solar electric systems to national home improvement companies offering solar installation as one of many services.

How Big Are Solar Panels?

The size of a typical residential solar panel today is about 18 square feet, or a little less than 3-1/2′ x 5-1/2′. They’ll vary in size, depending mostly on the rated wattage and technology of a particular product’s solar cells.