San Onofre Nuclear Plant – San Diego County Solar Power

San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant –  San Diego County Solar Power

It may be awhile before we see power generation at San Onofre nuclear power plant.  The plant has been shutdown since January 31st, 2012.

An article in today’s LA times blog reports the problem is a small leak in one of the plant’s steam generator tubes.  Apparently vibration causing the tubes to rub against one another is resulting in premature wear on the tubes.

Because the San Onofre plant provides as much as 20 percent of San Diego County electricity, there are already calls for people to conserve energy – especially on hot days when peak demand spikes.

Solar power is a natural solution.  On sunny summer days when peak demand typically occurs, homes and commercial buildings with solar panels are making their own power.   Additionally, they’re  sending surplus energy to the grid, helping to prevent the need for rolling brown outs.