solar power

Storing Solar Power Energy

Energy Storage Storing energy generated from your solar power system can be beneficial. While battery storage has been used for decades in off-grid applications, for […]

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Getting Started With Solar Panels

The first step to getting started and designing any solar panel installation is to calculate your average annual kilowatt-hour consumption.  This information is available to […]

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Lower Solar Cost

Lower solar cost is the foundation of the Green Collar Solar℠ program?  Lower solar cost will help the Green Collar Solar℠ Program create jobs.  We are expanding the market for […]

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Solar power during a power outage

Would you like to have solar power during a power outage without batteries?

If you said “yes” you’re not alone. Most people assume that having solar power on your home will automatically provide you with power in the event of a power outage. Unless you have battery storage this is not the case.

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Solar power for all – San Diego County Solar

Not every home is well suited for solar power. Approximately half the population lives in rented property, some homes don’t have good sun exposure and nearly a third of homeowners don’t meet credit requirements to finance a solar power system.

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