How Big Are Solar Panels?

The size of  a typical residential solar panel today is about 18 square feet, or a little less than 3-1/2′ x 5-1/2′. They’ll vary in size, depending mostly on the rated wattage and technology of a particular product’s solar cells. Most residential solar panels installed today are in the 185-240 watt range and are usually assembled with either polycrystalline or monocrystalline silicon cells.

For example, the popular Sharp 235w monocrystalline module measures 39.1″ x 64.6″ or about 17.5 square feet. So for a typical system in the 5,000 watt range, you would need approximately 400 s.f. of available space.

6 thoughts on “How Big Are Solar Panels?

  1. Can your panels fit together to make a solid patio cover? What are the measurements of the panel? 48×72 would be ideal with 2 inch or 3 inch wide rafters to cover 300 sq ft (12′ x 25″) Do you install your panels to make a patio cover?

    • Hello Gerald. Standard installation practice for the LG modules we use would not result in a solid patio cover. We use mid clamps that leave space between modules for thermal expansion. You may wish to place a metal substrate beneath the modules if you want the patio cover to be water tight. The module dimensions are approximately 39.5″ x 64.5″

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