Installing solar panels on homes with clay tile

Because we are in North County San Diego, we are frequently asked to install solar panels on homes with clay tile roofs.  As you can see in this photo of a recently installed solar power system in Rancho Santa Fe, clay tile roofs can accommodate solar panels quite nicely.  When San Diego County Solar takes on a solar project like this, we treat the home as if were our own.  The key to successful solar panel installation on homes like this is having the experience and know how to do the job right.  It’s also important to have the right roofing company engaged in the process.  Careful design and professional  installation result in high-performance, great looking solar power systems.  This solar power system includes top of the line LG Electronics Neon R solar modules with 25 year warranty – for both product and performance.  We’ve also included DC power optimizers, and DC to AC inverters by SolarEdge.  This solar electric system will offset 100% of this home’s energy consumption, saving the homeowner tens of thousands of dollars over the next 25 years, while reducing their carbon footprint.