Affordable Solar

Affordable solar power is at the heart of the Green Collar Solar program? We’re creating more good jobs with affordable solar power through the Green Collar Solar Program.  Now, homes with smaller electric bills can realize significant savings with low-cost solar energy systems. How does the Green Collar Solar program make solar affordable? We’ve taken everything we’ve learned designing and installing solar panels to bring affordable solar power to market.  We can install these low-cost systems on select, solar friendly

Lower Solar Cost

Lower solar cost is the foundation of the Green Collar Solar℠ program?  Lower solar cost will help the Green Collar Solar℠ Program create jobs.  We are expanding the market for solar energy with low-cost systems for homes with smaller electric bills. How does it work? We find homes with good solar energy potential and offer them low-cost solar energy installation. How low is the cost?  Low enough so people with electric bills from $75-$150 can

Solar power during a power outage

Would you like to have solar power during a power outage without batteries? If you said “yes” you’re not alone. Most people assume that having solar power on your home will automatically provide you with power in the event of a power outage. Unless you have battery storage this is not the case.